Scientific Investigation

Scientific Investigation and Engineering Analysis of the Origin and Cause of Fires and Explosions

With decades of practical experience in the scientific investigation and engineering analysis of the origin and cause of fires and explosions, SEL is a leading firm in this field. Our professionally certified investigators travel worldwide to investigate and analyze a wide range of fires and explosion events, from small residential incidents to catastrophic hotel, commercial and industrial plant fires and explosions. We apply a multi-discipline approach based on a strong foundation of science and engineering to all of our investigations and analyses.

SEL also offers 3D scanning to produce detailed, accurate models of fire scenes to enhance our investigations.  A scan of a scene, expertly recorded by SEL staff, enables us to produce virtual walkthroughs of the fire scene for discussion with clients, arbitrators, judges and juries. We can take measurements even after the scene is no longer intact and can continue to collect detailed information that may prove important as the analysis of the incident moves forward. The 3D scan and the data it provides to us and our clients allow for faster scene processing for investigation and analysis, permitting property owners to get on with remediation efforts. For more information, please view our 3D scanning information sheet.

After the scene, SEL continues to apply our engineering expertise, experience, and knowledge to the analysis of the incident, conducting in depth research, both through physical testing and through the literature, into the potential issues.  When appropriate, we employ engineering models to examine the fire dynamics, gas dispersion, overpressure events, thermodynamics and other parameters involved in events, testing our hypotheses until we reach a sound conclusion that is based on science

Litigation Support

Using investigation, analysis and testing, SEL provides expert testimony worldwide. Through scientific assessment, laboratory testing and graphic demonstration, our professionals present the facts at hand so that they are easily understood by the court, juries and interested non-technical individuals.

As part of our litigation support capability, we help clients develop litigation strategy and provides information management systems for organizing, storing and retrieving large volumes of case, discovery and trial information.