SEL provides independent scientific,
engineering, investigative and technology services

Welcome to SEL

Safety Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Engineering and Fire Investigation Company

SEL is an innovative engineering firm offering fire and safety related consulting, investigation, testing and research services. We provide a wide range of fire science, forensic investigation, engineering and safety services for diverse clients on the road and at our laboratory and testing facilities in Warren and Yale, Michigan. While we provide engineering and fire investigation services nationwide, we also provide industrial CT scanning locally in the metro Detroit area. As a fire investigation company, we stand by the fact that Industrial CT scanning is a valuable tool for the examination of internal damage to electronic devices, power supplies, and mechanical devices without resorting to destructive examination. In-house industrial CT scanning can be performed on items up to .5 meters in size, including personal electronic devices, power tools, valves, automotive components, and any other item when a precise internal inspection would prove valuable. This means that discovering issues within products, whether they are field returns, artifacts from a fire, or new products being assessed for potential risks, can be performed without damaging or destroying the product. We can take these scans and turn them into graphics, precision renderings, and create animations to show exactly how items function. Industrial CT scanning provides a in-depth method of evidence retrieval for various applications, including redesign opportunities for companies looking to improve their products.

Since 1986, we have provided independent scientific, engineering, investigation and research services to:

  • Test, analyze and report the forensic characteristics of chemical, electrical and mechanical products and systems.
  • Investigate, analyze, reconstruct and provide expert testimony regarding the origin, ignition source and cause of fire and explosion events.
  • Develop OSHA and EPA regulatory and safety compliance and training programs.

As an engineering and fire investigation company, our test facilities are equipped to provide customized construction and testing to meet the needs of the analysis at hand, from large-scale demonstrations to microscopic analysis.