Industrial CT Scanning in Sterling Heights MI

Safety Engineering Laboratories offers clients in Sterling Heights, Michigan industrial CT scanning to help you develop hazard-free products and designs no matter what your trade may be. Industrial CT scanning facilitates better product development and machine optimization through the detailed data we collect from the CT scans. Once we process all the information, we can create graphics and animations to give you a better idea of where anomalies are/might be occurring and how to revise a product’s design to address any hazards. This analysis can be used in a wide variety of industries, and SEL’s expertise can help you eliminate hazards and promote safety. SEL can inform and consult with businesses from assembly line industries to microelectronic product producers. We will work with you to develop an examination and testing plan, which can include non-destructive examination of a product with our industrial CT scanning and x-ray systems, performing full destructive and materials/metallurgical analysis and fire safety demonstrations to see exactly how a potential fire hazard can propagate from a product.

No matter what level of consulting you receive from Safety Engineering Laboratories, you can be sure that the information gained during the process will benefit your product development and hazard analysis. If you are concerned about a product you are developing, we can help point out critical risk factors in the product with our industrial CT scanning so that it can be redesigned for better safety and efficiency. Safety Engineering Laboratories can also help analyze hazards and fire risks in your workplace—both through on-site consulting and fire demonstrations. Call or email SEL today to obtain the experienced fire safety consulting in Sterling Heights, Michigan you never realized you needed.