Industrial CT Scanning in Detroit MI

SEL provides clients in Detroit, Michigan, with industrial CT scanning that boasts excellent image resolution and data collection to enable superior non-destructive examination. Our acquisition of the North Star X3000 CT Scanner with a 225 kV x-ray source and a 127 micron Varian detector has allowed us to examine ignition sources and product failures with even greater precision. We have also expanded our services to local industrial and manufacturing entities that can employ industrial CT scanning in product development and engineering, as well as failure analysis. The quality of data provided by the North Star CT Scanner—coupled with the skills of our in-house Computed Tomography Specialist and graphics services—enables us to develop exceptionally high-quality graphics and animations. We can document and display what is going on inside a wide variety of devices and components.

Industrial CT Scanning allows us to examine your products, devices, and components for any manufacturing disparities and potential variation from tolerances. These can arise with changes to production lines, processes, and output levels. The extraordinarily detailed data obtained by the process can also assist with product development, engineering, and design. The value of the information acquired by industrial CT scanning is seen across a wide variety of industries—from automotive component design and manufacturing to medical device development. Any product with internal functions or mechanical action that needs to be examined can be analyzed by industrial CT scanning.

For additional information or a demonstration of how industrial CT scanning can help you gather more accurate information on your products and designs, please contact our dedicated Computed Tomography Specialist, Alex Hoffmann, at