SEL’s Warren, Michigan facility has both a laboratory and a large space for the examination, analysis and testing of products and systems. Video systems are available to provide a permanent record of examinations and inspections if requested.

Our laboratory provides space for examination and inspection of artifacts and has a wide range of optical and electronic microscopy, FTIR analysis, digital x-ray and CT scanning capabilities. For more information, please see Testing and Analytical Services. The shop space is equipped with hand tools, power tools, ample and adjustable lighting and examination spaces that can be configured as necessary.

The conference room and library at SEL present a comfortable, neutral setting for consultants, professional investigators and litigants to meet, establish protocols, outline procedures and discuss issues. With comprehensive test and analysis facilities, Wi-Fi, and professional and technical staff at hand, it is a perfect place to meet and conduct inspections, examinations, testing and analysis.

The storage warehouse at the Warren location is a secure, climate controlled warehouse for storing items that are or may become involved in litigation, including very large artifacts like vehicles and water craft. Its close proximity to our laboratory and inspection area allows for easy and fast access to artifacts.

SEL’s Yale, Michigan site boasts a controlled environment test bay capable of accommodating complete test items, with integrated data and video capture systems. For more information, please see Demonstrations. The Yale test site is ideal for the construction of exemplar structures and execution of demonstrations and testing. Quick turnaround construction of full scale room mockups for consumer product testing is facilitated by permanent, in-place concrete slabs.